Empowering parents to help their adult children achieve their goals

As a parent, there’s probably nothing more important to you than your children. The power of UBS Legacy Today is that it enables you to do more for them financially during every stage of their adulthood—from their college years to after they start a family of their own. With UBS Legacy Today, you can help them achieve their goals while continuing to pursue your long-term investment strategy.

Giving while living

By working with your UBS Financial Advisor and UBS Specialists, you can incorporate borrowing and other banking solutions that make it possible for you to experience more of your children’s and grandchildren’s successes during your lifetime. UBS Legacy Today gives you the flexibility to help your loved ones:

  • Pay for tuition or pay off student loans and other debt
  • Establish and build credit wisely through the UBS Card Program
  • Start or expand their own business
  • Finance new opportunities and cover unexpected events

Balancing your children’s needs and your goals

UBS Legacy Today enables you to use your eligible UBS assets as collateral so you can help your children get access to funds and take advantage of the current interest rate environment. Not only will you help your loved ones without tapping into your savings, but you’ll also be able to:

  • Potentially earn income or returns by continuing to pursue your investment strategy
  • Teach financial responsibility to the borrower 

It’s time you spoke with a UBS Financial Advisor

Being in the position to help your children face today’s challenges and then thrive is one of the most satisfying parts of being a parent. With UBS Legacy Today, you’re empowered to do more for them in your lifetime than you may have thought possible. Please call your UBS Financial Advisor today to discuss your options and opportunities. Find a UBS Financial Advisor.