Women, wealth and well-being

Financial empowerment and participation

Own your worth – Pulse 2023

Wealth and the single woman

The opportunities and challenges of being in financial control

The latest Own your worth – Pulse report looks at high-earning single women in the US. We found that most single women embrace financial control and take pride in managing their own finances. Yet, 67% say they’re worried about getting the right financial advice.

Own your worth 2023

Tradition, trust and time

The challenges women breadwinners face embracing their financial clout

Women are contributing more to their families’ incomes than ever before. In our latest survey, we found that nearly one-third of US women in heterosexual couples are the primary breadwinner. Yet many women breadwinners remain less engaged than men breadwinners in decision-making about the money they’ve earned. Why?

We look at the reasons for this disparity between women and men breadwinners and how financial participation, comprehensive planning and the support of financial professionals can help correct this imbalance.

Our latest insights

Women breadwinners are less likely than men breadwinners to decide where their earnings go

% who say they handle the following somewhat or much more

Women primary earners

Men primary earners


Paying bills

Financial planning

Chart explains the percentage of women primary earners and men primary earners who handle short- and long-term financial decision somewhat or much more. Women primary earners handle investments 52%, bill paying 51% and financial planning 48%. Men breadwinners handle investments 83%, bill paying 79% and financial planning 78%.

Women are less comfortable than men being the primary breadwinner, but more so in same-sex couples

I prefer being the breadwinner

% of primary earners who agree

Women in heterosexual couples

Women in same-sex couples

Men in heterosexual couples

Chart shows who prefers being the primary breadwinner in a couple by percentage: women in heterosexual couples 49%, women in same-sex couples 65% and men in heterosexual couples 87%.

Women are more engaged in childcare and household responsibilities

% who say they manage the following somewhat or much more

Women primary earners*

Men primary earners**





*92% of spouses employed; 8% not 
**60% of spouses employed; 40% not

Graph shows the percentage of women primary earners and men primary earners who manage household responsibilities somewhat or much more. Women primary earners manage childcare 55%, cooking 51% and cleaning 48%. Men primary earners manage childcare 31%, cooking 31% and cleaning 34%.

Together we can help you pursue what’s important

Own your worth 2022

Women on purpose

Values, money and the pursuit of more intentional lives

In the last few years, the world has changed in fundamental ways. Everyone has a point of view about those changes, but we can all agree it’s been a catalyst for reevaluation on every level. We discovered, for women especially, it has stirred a desire to focus on a greater sense of purpose. Here’s how.

What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
Jane Goodall

Our insights

Women are making deliberate choices to achieve their purpose

Icon with money counter

Nearly 9 in 10 believe money is a tool to effect change

This is reflected in their current actions, as a large majority of women have been involved in both charitable giving and volunteering over the past year. They are also using their purchasing power and career choices to make an impact.

The vast majority of women recognize the power of financial engagement

Icon with 92%

agree that being involved in long-term financial planning can enable a greater impact

The majority of women agree that money is a tool that can be used to help fulfill their purpose. And 82% believe they can pursue a more meaningful life without having to sacrifice their own financial well-being.

Own Your Worth Women's Forum

The launch of our newest research, Women on Purpose, included a special forum, spotlighting how exceptional women are using their financial clout, time and purchasing power to lead purpose-driven lives through innovative social impact, strategic giving and enlightened advocacy.


Women on Purpose introduction

Paula Polito, Vice Chairwoman, UBS Global Wealth Management with Dr. Elizabeth Dale, PhD, professor of philanthropic studies and nonprofit leadership, introduce groundbreaking findings of newest Own your worth report.

The Innovators

The Innovators

Asha Curran, Co-founder and CEO of GivingTuesday, and Alison Moore, CEO, Comic Relief US, on being frontline philanthropy innovators.

The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur

Komal Ahmad, Founder of Copia, on how she is using technology to solve hunger and food waste across North America.

The Leader

The Leader

Melissa Beste, Akris Global CEO, on purposeful leadership.

The Real MVP

The Real MVP

Dr. Wanda Durant on why she’s an MVP of giving.

The Magnifiers

The Magnifiers

Andine Sutarjadi, Asian Women Giving Circle Steering Committee and Deborah McManus, Co-founder, WellMet Philanthropy on the power of giving circles.

The Torch Bearer

    The Torch Bearer

    Marlo Thomas, award-winning actress and humanitarian, on a lifetime of giving as the fundraising force behind St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

    Research and insights

    This is just the latest of our ongoing efforts to explore the evolving relationship between women and money.

    See below for a complete list of our previous Own Your Worth reports as well as additional research.

    Financial participation

    Tips and tools, without jargon or complexity, starting with a quiz that identifies each person’s money language and ideas for how to begin your financial journey.

    Money Move Quiz

    money talk

    Money Move Quiz

    What's your money language?

    We all know one size does not fit all, and that goes for your financial planning too. Learn your language and make the money move that’s right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas.

    Top 10 Money Moves

    Welcome to the money table

    You belong in this seat, and you're just getting started. Big or small, your next money move takes you even further. Money moves are action steps that get you involved with your finances, and we have plenty for you to choose from. Wherever you are, there's a money move to make. So, let's get started.

    You can't make your dream come true if you don't know what it looks like. Figure out what truly matters to you, and what you want in your future. 

    These are the moves that keep you moving. They have a positive ripple effect across everything you do, and set you up for larger decisions.

    Make these moves today for the life you want tomorrow. A little bit of action now could grow and build, paying off later (in a big way).


    When you're moving cash forward you may need cash to fall back on.

    Consider saving and keeping some cash for an adequate emergency fund.

    Money Talk

    When you open the lines of communication early and often, money talks don’t have to be contentious. UBS research shows that partners who share financial decisions feel more positive about the future and less anxious about money.1

    Cash Cushion

    If you need to help care for someone else down the road, you may want to increase your cash to cover their needs as well. Contact a Financial Advisor to help you plan.

    Money talk guides

    money talk



    Money talk guides

    Our fill-in-the-blank money talk guides are the perfect way to organize your thoughts when it comes to commonly avoided conversations. Start planning now.

    Kickstart guides

    Money Beliefs

    These conversations are tricky. You and your partner may have different ideas about what you want your money to do, both now and after you're gone. If you understand why your partner feels differently, it will be easier to come to an agreement. Use this Kickstart Guide to help start a conversation that gets to the root of both your values.

    New Financial Goals

    It’s time to reevaluate how your financial goals fit with the goals you have for your life. Meeting with a Financial Advisor can help you build a comprehensive plan and remove some anxieties around the unknown. Here is a list of questions to talk with a Financial Advisor about right now:

    Financial Dreams 

    Dreaming about what you want your money to do can be fun. Use this Financial Dreams Kickstart Guide to get going.

    Women and wealth events

    Highlights from women who share what they’ve learned about relationships, money, financial empowerment and investing in yourself.

    Own Your Worth Event Highlights

    Check out highlights from some of our recent Own Your Worth events with names you might recognize.

    Ivy McGregor

    Ivy McGregor, Global Impact Leader and Executive Director of BeyGOOD Foundation, shares her inspiring story and her career as a global leader in philanthropy and social enterprise.

    Lifting as we Climb

    A special conversation on Women in Leadership with three trailblazing women.

    Women on Purpose

    Click here to view highlights and replays of the 2022 Women on Purpose Forum in NYC

    IWD event

    International Women’s Day

    A special message celebrating the economic, political and cultural progress made by women.

    Real life, real stories

      Real life, real stories

      Candid conversations about the benefits of equal participation in financial matters—and the costs of not being involved.

      Own Your Worth video series

      • Why do women defer long-term financial decisions?
      • Why do men lead on long-term financial decisions?
      • The benefits of equal partnership
      • The costs of not being involved
      • Lessons learned 
      • Male allyship

      Paulina Porizkova

        Love and money do mix, with Paulina Porizkova

        Career. Marriage. Motherhood. Divorce. Widowhood. Model and author Paulina Porizkova has seen it all, and shares her advice for making sure you are taking control of your finances.

        Michelle Williams

        Breaking through

        Former Destiny’s Child singer and Grammy Award-winning megastar Michelle Williams talks about overcoming mental health challenges to gain clarity across every aspect of her life.

        Hear some of the powerful and personal insights revealed in her new book, Checking In.

        Her story could help you or someone you know.

        Laura Dern

          Touching audiences, changing Hollywood with Laura Dern

          Oscar Award-winning actor and producer Laura Dern shares how her fight for equal pay is breaking the glass ceiling in Hollywood, and how she talks money with her daughter.

          Own Your Worth 2020

            Own your worth 2020

            An all-star line-up—featuring Billie Jean King, Lisa Leslie, Paula Polito, Paulina Porizkova, Elaine Welteroth and Dr. Jill Yavorsky—shares their own stories of money, power and resilience.

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