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Family matters: Family Focused-Family Office

The overarching premise of a family office is to provide a structure for overseeing assets, effective stewardship and the successful transition of wealth to future generations.

As families become more complex, we believe there’s a need for a new model: the “family-focused family office” (FFFO) that takes a more holistic approach to helping families flourish across generations.

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The “family-focused family office” (FFFO) takes a holistic approach to nurturing families across generations. Going beyond managing financial wealth, it invests in the development of the family as a whole, helping it to flourish and prosper over time.

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Global Family Office Report 2022

Our annual Global Family Office Report is the most comprehensive study of single family offices worldwide. In its latest edition the report focuses on 221 of the world’s largest single family offices and covers a total net worth of USD 493 billion, with the individual families’ net worth averaging USD 2.2 billion.

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Living your legacy

Podcast series by UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services. We believe a legacy is built over a lifetime; it’s defined by how we spend our time and who we spend it with.

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