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Highlights from Art Basel Miami Beach. Read about the events.

Whether it’s for your family, your community, or your cause—your investments today will shape tomorrow. Start crafting a plan that serves your purpose and the people who matter most. We know your legacy matters to you. It matters to us too.

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We’re reimagining solutions for today’s investors—and the generations to follow. We’re proud to usher in financial advice that’s inclusive, collaborative and personal.

Your priorities, your journey

UBS provides tailored advice for growing generational wealth to help you make a difference for your family and community.

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Defying history, shaping legacy

How can multicultural investors build lasting wealth?

Resilience leads to innovation

The majority of today’s high net worth multicultural investors have more access to investments, loans and other financial services than prior generations. Given historic inequities, however, many multicultural investors have built wealth outside the common path of investing in stocks and bonds. We surveyed multicultural investors to understand the wealth-building experiences, how they want to use their wealth, and what they expect from the financial institutions they choose to work with. Read the Invest to Advance report and share your wealth journey.


See highlights of insightful conversations around wealth journeys, inclusive investing solutions and the way we partner with experts to build and shape multicultural communities.

Wealth journeys

Family lessons & legacy

Melinda Hightower, Head of the Multicultural Client Segment, shares her wealth journey and family legacy.

Research roundtable

Melinda Hightower discusses UBS investor research findings from affluent multicultural investors with community leads, Angelina Fung and Gabriela Ramirez.

Fireside chat with Stephanie Nuesi

Sandrea Brooks, Multicultural Client Segment Analyst in conversation with Founder and CEO of Max Up and Google Financial Analyst, Stephanie Nuesi.


Why now?

Melinda Hightower in conversation with Jane Schwartzberg, Head of Strategic Client Segments, discusses the launch of the Multicultural Segment.

Introduction to Inclusive Investing

Lynette Jefferson, Head of Sustainable and Inclusive Investing and Karen Sunderam, Head of Inclusive discusses the ways UBS supports equity and inclusion through investment choices.

Building communities

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

UBS celebrates Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and envisions women entrepreneurs at the forefront as the next decade of wealth unfolds. Sandrea Brooks of the Multicultural Investors Segment, moderates a special UBS Trending episode with Kat De Haen, Co-Founder, The Fourth Floor, Cate Luzio, Founder, Luminary and Natasha Standard, CEO and Founder, The Standard, Norie Shoe Company and EQWAL Footing.


Growing for the future

Why diversity, equity and inclusion drive success.

Planning for multicultural investors

Roadmap to walk you through the benefits of wealth transfer, tax minimization, and wealth preservation.

Embracing sustainable investments

Your guide to investing with a focus on diversity.

Investing with a purpose

The economic benefits of diversity and a more inclusive world.

Art Basel Miami Beach

We're celebrating 20 years

UBS is proud to be the lead sponsor of Art Basel Miami Beach since its inception two decades ago. Our presentation at Art Basel 2022, will offer insights on diversity, inclusion, and sustainability with a focus on the release of the UBS Art Collection’s latest publication: Reimagining Perspectives. It features recently acquired works by artists who offer new and diverse perspectives based on their distinct backgrounds and experiences.

Curator Larry Ossei-Mensah and Head of UBS Multicultural Investors Segment Melinda Hightower tour the UBS Art Collection Studio and the works of featured artists including Sanford Biggers, Kapwani Kiwanga, Ibrahim Mahama and El Anatsui. The artworks extend themes present in the Collection such as identity, culture, and social change in new directions, and explore current and historical narratives. The artists express these motifs through geometric abstraction, the depiction of figures from underrepresented communities and the use of materials, notably textiles, not typically associated with fine art.

Art of our time

Exploring the work of artists offering new and diverse perspectives

We were delighted to host an exclusive reception exploring the insights, work and multicultural inspirations of some of today’s most influential artists. Their dynamic and innovative work offers groundbreaking commentary on how we see the world—and ourselves.

Catalyst for change

How art is breaking new ground for social and environmental impact

Today, artists are forging new pathways, expressions and perspectives—and laying the groundwork for a more sustainable, equitable world. We explored these ideas and what they mean for our collective future in an insightful panel discussion moderated by Forbes.

UBS and Gold House, Gold Art Prize

A celebration of community and achievement

Beyond Representation

Reimagining the way ahead

UBS was proud to sponsor this celebratory soiree for the Gold Art Prize*, a biennial award that spotlights the achievements of five contemporary Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) or Asian diaspora artists.

To celebrate the release of the newest book from the UBS Art Collection, 'Reimagining: New Perspectives', we hosted an exciting and spirited panel discussion to explore the status of equality and inclusivity in the art world, and how we imagine its future in an optimistic and expansive way.

2021 highlights

Art with Impact

Insights into art collecting from an artist’s perspective

The Multicultural Investor (MCI) and Athlete and Entertainer (A&E) Client Segments hosted this exclusive event, that focused on navigating the art ecosystem and how to build relationships with artists while building an art collection.

Art of Influence

Balancing culture and currency in collecting fine art

In December 2021, UBS hosted an insightful conversation on understanding the difference between collecting fine art for passion and for profit. In an intimate setting, guests heard perspectives from renowned artist Derrick Adams, expert curator Jumaane N’namdi and Global Head of the UBS Art Collection, Mary Rozell.

Multicultural investor events

See highlights from investor events as experts share their insights on championing culture, art, sustainability and philanthropy.

Advisory Board

Experts working to create an inclusive investor experience


The Board is a select group UBS Financial Advisors whose unique insights and expertise inform the firm’s efforts to advance an inclusive investor experience.

Melinda Hightower

Head, Multicultural Client Segment
Wealth Management USA
(888) 660 5750


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Mark Wilkins

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