A benefit whose time has come

Employees increasingly value financial wellness programs and the companies offering them

Employees need to be more financially adept than ever before.

And they’re looking to their employers for help.

Our survey found that financial wellness programs offer value to both employees and companies.

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Program participants feel much better about their financial future...

“I feel confident about retiring when and how I like.”

“I feel highly confident about achieving my financial goals.”

Participants are more knowledgeable about their overall finances

“I understand my finances.”

Financial wellness programs helped employees navigate COVID-19

“I feel highly satisfied with my company’s support during the crisis.”

Participants are more motivated and loyal to their employer

“I am motivated to go above and beyond.”

“I expect to stay 5 years.”

Participants also have better financial habits

Contribute the maximum to their 401(k)/403(b) each month

Have an IRA in addition to their 401(k)/403(b) plan

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