Stay connected to your wealth and fund your account

Getting started is easy, and it all begins with enrolling in UBS Online Services (OLS), your one-stop resource for accessing and managing your finances efficiently and conveniently.

  1. Download the UBS Financial Services Inc. app for iPhone®, iPad®, or Android
  2. Open OLS in a new tab and register by clicking on the Register for online access link
  3. Once you are logged in to the UBS Financial Services app, click on the Banking Services icon and select Deposit Checks
  4. Enable mobile deposit by clicking Enroll and accepting the terms and conditions
  5. Fund your account by depositing a check using the mobile deposit feature

Other ways to enroll and fund your account

Prefer to enroll in UBS Online Services on your desktop or laptop? Click the link below to set up your username and password — it’s fast and easy.

Send a check to your Financial Advisor to deposit into your new UBS account

Transfer assets from an outside investment account at UBS Online Services under the Accounts tab

Submit an automated clearing house (ACH) transferinto your UBS account through UBS Online Services.

Instruct your bank to transfer funds into your UBS account (and be sure to include your RMA or UBS Business Services BSA account number):*

UMB Bank N.A.
Kansas City, MO 64106
Bank Transit (or Routing) Number 044000804

Instruct your bank to wire the funds with your name and RMA or Business Services BSA account number to:

ABA #026007993
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Weehawken, NJ
Retail Incoming
A/C #101-WA-258641-000
F/C UBS-FINSVC (Enter your name)
A/C-UBS-FINSVC (Enter your account number)

Get the most out of your account

Take advantage of our cash management services to ensure your day-to-day finances can work hand-in-hand with your investment plan to advance your goals.

  • Move money quickly and easily by connecting your UBS accounts with your accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Make paying bills simple and paper-free by enrolling in online bill payment.
  • Connect with your UBS Financial Advisor or UBS Client Services at 800-762-1000 so you can start using an electronic signature for your documents
  • Sign up for e-Delivery and you’ll enjoy secure online access to your important account documents and information, while reducing the amount of mail you receive and the impact on the environment.

A tool to help you transfer recurring payments and close your old account

Download this simple worksheet to make sure you:

  • Compile a list of recurring incoming deposits and notify the payers of your new account information.
  • Update automatic bill payments, such as utility bills or vendor payments, to reflect your new account information.

Reconcile your old account and keep it open until:

  • All outstanding checks have cleared
  • All debit card transactions have cleared
  • All automatic payments and deposits have moved to UBS
  • You can calculate the final balance aer all transactions are final