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Your wealth is more than your investments. It’s the sum of your aspirations for your life, family and future. By bringing together your investments and cash management services from UBS Financial Services Inc. with banking solutions offered by UBS Bank USA, you can pursue your goals with more confidence, clarity and control when you see how all your financial activities are connected and impact the bigger picture. More savings, smarter financing and convenient cash management—solutions customized just for you. It's your wealth, your way.

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What we offer

Cash management services

Mastering the everyday

Whether you have a UBS Resource Management Account (RMA) or UBS Business Services Account BSA, our cash management services can help you gain a more complete view of your financial picture.

From the ease of paying bills online and transferring funds between accounts to the convenience of direct deposit and mobile check deposits, you can take advantage of a suite of services that simplify your life, all while ensuring your actions today are in service of your aspirations tomorrow.

Flexible deposit solutions

Smart ways to earn more

It’s always wise to keep cash on hand for expected and unexpected expenses. It’s even smarter to consolidate your cash and your investments in one place while putting your cash to work so it can generate even more.

By choosing to bring your assets together at UBS, you benefit from a firm that’s strong and secure, so you can feel the same way. And at UBS Bank USA, we have a variety of ways to help your cash earn more while you take advantage of “less”—less paperwork, less to keep track of, less tax reporting—thanks to the simplicity and convenience of one statement and one relationship.

Everyday cash

From day-to-day expenses to recurring bill payments, you can keep cash at the ready—while making sure it earns its keep. Available cash balances in the RMA or Business Services Account BSA are automatically “swept” into deposit accounts at UBS Bank USA. Unlike a standard checking account, your cash will earn an enhanced yield along with the safety of FDIC insurance (up to applicable limits). Choose from a wide range of liquidity strategies and benefit from a source of stable assets with competitive rates and the added security of FDIC insurance up to applicable limits.

Savings cash

If you want a higher yield, but with the convenience and flexibility to meet near-term needs or unexpected expenses, UBS Bank USA Core Savings can grow your cash without market or credit risk. Your long-term investment strategy remains on track while you enjoy the safety of FDIC insurance (up to applicable limits1) and earn competitive yields. You’ll also enjoy more flexibility than term deposits, with up to five free withdrawals per month. Additional withdrawals incur a $25 fee and may reduce earnings.

Investment cash

Want your cash to focus solely on growing for the long-term? Set an amount aside for a specific period of time to earn higher rates, which may carry additional market and credit risk and fees. Use this as part of your asset allocation and include cash and cash alternatives, such as Certificates of Deposits, purchased Money Market Funds and short-term Treasuries.

Strategic borrowing

Liquidity with flexibility

When it comes to borrowing, taking advantage of an opportunity today shouldn’t compromise your vision for tomorrow. We have smart ways to turn existing assets into funding answers that help you meet your goals on your terms.

UBS Bank USA Premier Credit Line

With a UBS Bank USA Premier Credit Line, you can leverage the borrowing power of your eligible UBS securities to fund anything from expanding your business to enlarging your home to increasing your art collection. Business or personal, luxury or necessity, expected or unexpected, this is about providing yourself with robust financial flexibility.

UBS credit & debit cards

Powerful tools to power everyday goals

UBS Visa credit cards

UBS Bank USA offers five credit cards designed to enhance and empower the way you live and work:

  • The UBS Visa Infinite card provides access to elite travel privileges, accelerated rewards earning and enhanced protection benefits.1
  • The UBS Visa Signature card offers UBS Concierge access and flexible rewards.2
  • The UBS Cash Rewards Visa Business card offers 2% back on the first $100,000 and 1% thereaer in eligible purchases each year.
  • All cards come with a variety of convenient features, including ATM fee rebates, text and e-mail alerts and zero liability for unauthorized purchases.3
  • All business cards offer expense reporting and controls, as well as up to 24 additional cards at no additional cost.

UBS Visa debit card

The UBS Visa debit card gives you direct access to the funds in the UBS Resource Management Account (RMA) or Business Services Account BSA. You’ll be able to access cash at banks and ATMs worldwide while getting an unlimited number of ATM fee rebates on cash withdrawals in the US (up to $5 per transaction).* Even better, you’ll also have an easy way to pay one-time and recurring monthly bills.

Residential Mortgage & Commercial Financing

Financing that puts you first

In a competitive environment, what separates one lending solution from another is the client service surrounding it. With UBS Bank USA, you can count on a process that feels like far less of one from start to finish—whether you’re looking to finance a personal property or commercial real estate.

Custom mortgage experience

Whether it’s your first home, the place where you’ll grow your family and make a lifetime of memories, a vacation home or a strategic refinance as part of your financial plan, a mortgage is likely one of the most significant financial transactions in your life. With a UBS Bank USA Mortgage, our goal is to help ensure a smoother journey—from start to finish.

  • Personalized service
    From the moment you apply for a mortgage, a Private Mortgage Banker will act as your single point of contact and guide you every step of the way. From clear communication to delivering on every detail, you’ll receive white glove treatment.
  • Tailored solutions
    With a broad range of flexible solutions, combined with your UBS Financial Advisor’s knowledge of your full financial picture, your Private Mortgage Banker can recommend a mortgage with a focus on meeting your goals—and exceeding your expectations.
  • Simplified process
    Simplicity means fewer demands on your time. With our online application options and e-signature technology that lets you sign and return your application within minutes, we do our best to help create a simpler experience.

End-to-end commercial lending experience

Turning your property into the next landmark? Thinking of financing a multi-unit apartment complex? Whatever the vision, UBS Bank USA can help bring it to fruition with personalized service and flexible lending options that cover small balance, large balance and interim financing for near-stabilized properties. We focus on delivering a lending strategy that meets your needs while complementing your full financial picture—to help ensure your real estate assets are built on a solid foundation.

  • Integrated strategy
    We work side-by-side with your UBS Financial Advisor to make sure your lending solution works hand-in-hand with your overall wealth management blueprint.
  • Bespoke financing
    From loan parameters to leverage options to pricing, we’ll structure a solution that meets your objectives—and your timetable.
  • Knowledgeable team
    You'll benefit from the support of a specialized team well—versed in the ins and outs of commercial lending from your initial conversation to closing, and every step in between.

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