The mission of the Athletes and Entertainers segment is simple: to deliver the best advice and guidance UBS has to offer. (UBS)

The quadrennial international men's soccer championship, will be held from late-November to mid-December, due to Qatar's intense summer heat. The Athletes and Entertainers strategic client segment has also begun to heat up since its inception in 2020 and now works with 25 Athlete and Entertainer-focused advisors to help provide resources and guidance to clients across all regions in the US.

The mission of the segment is simple: to deliver the best advice and guidance UBS has to offer to some of the world's biggest stars. This all starts with a conversation. Let's get to know the team that can support you during these discussions.

The Athletes and Entertainers segment consists of Wale Ogunleye, Jaclyn Bellino, Pjay Togunde and Russ Ude. Wale leads the UBS Sports and Entertainment business for Wealth Management USA. As head of the division, Wale draws on his background as a college and professional football player to help financial advisors understand and address the needs of athletes and entertainers. Jaclyn is the team's project manager. She is an avid traveler and big NY Giants football fan. Pjay, who handles the team's business strategy, has a passion for music and attends as many concerts as she can. Russ, the latest addition to the team and a former linebacker for Cal Football, and is currently earning a master’s degree in data science.

The team has the knowledge, education and resources to help advisors meet the unique and diverse needs of their A&E focused clients, but do they have any special insights into the 32 teams and 732 players bounds for Qatar?

Wale, as a former American football player, what do you make of the chances of the USMNT in Qatar?

The USMNT’s first matchup is against Wales. Now don't get confused, I'm Wale (pronounced Wa-lay) and I run the Athlete and Entertainer client segment at UBS. I do not have any affiliation with the country of Wales! Now that we have that all cleared up, this World Cup will be Wales' first appearance since 1958. This could be a tough match-up for the US team with Wales being hungry to make a strong comeback story. Wales also has Gareth Bale, who can change the game in an instant—we’ve seen this in his MLS Cup performance a few weeks ago when he scored a game changing goal that ultimately lead the LAFC to victory. England, as always, is strong and the favorite of Group B to advance. They will be one of the toughest matches USMNT faces. Everyone will be on their 'A' games, especially when playing against the USA.

With all that being said, USMNT will likely have the youngest roster of players in the World Cup this year, which sets the team up for long term success. The future for USMNT is especially bright, and I’m hopeful they will do better than expected this year.

Side note, I’m really disappointed that Nigeria didn’t qualify for this year's World Cup. This is the first time they’ve missed since 2006. Hoping they get it together for 2026 (which is being jointly hosted by the US, Canada and Mexico).

How about the rest of the A&E team? Any tips on who may win the tournament?

Jaclyn: I’m a patriot and a true fan of the underdog. Let’s go USA! I also am a Tottenham fan, and it’s great to see the team represented across so many teams in the World Cup—three players are serving as captains! I would love to see Son Heung-Min overcoming his recent injury to help South Korea advance from the group stage too.

Pjay: I wouldn’t be surprised if the final match came down to Brazil vs. Argentina as I think they both normally perform extremely well in the tournament. I would love to see Argentina win so that Lionel Messi can have one last huge hoorah at the end of his playing career.

Russ: I’m not sure who will win the tournament, but I’m sure England is hungry after their loss in the European Championships to Italy. I’d like to see them win.

Are there any interesting stories you are following? Or stars you really want to see?

Pjay: I’m looking forward to seeing Cristiano Ronaldo. I grew up watching him play and am wondering if he still has the same skill and star power, many years later.

Russ: I’ll be following the England team and their players, but I’m also eager to see France's Kylian Mbappe play.

The 2022 tournament will be the last to involve 32 teams, with an increase to 48 teams scheduled for the 2026 tournament. What do you think about the role of sports in global expansion and unity?

Jaclyn: It’s great to see more teams able to participate in the tournament as it allows more athletes to have a chance to perform on the biggest stage in the world. However, more teams in the tournament means more games, which is tough as top players already have a packed schedule. This is leading to more frequent injuries from being over played and potentially harming the overall product of soccer.

Finally, are there any current athletes or entertainers that you’d like to see grace the soccer field? And why?

Wale: I would love to see Kevin Hart out there on the pitch. Not sure how good he would be, but I'm positive his post match interviews would be hilarious. A team could always use a funny person around to lighten things up.

Pjay: Channing Tatum! One of my favorite movies as a teen was “She’s the Man” and in that movie he played a stellar high school soccer player. Curious to see if he has the same skills in real life!

Jaclyn: I would love to see the Beckhams take the field together. David Beckham is a soccer legend and Victoria was my favorite Spice Girl (Posh Spice for life)—it would be fun to see this power couple spice it up on the field. Bonus points if they take their fashion skills and design the uniforms!

Russ: I’d like to see Tyreek Hill on the pitch because his size and athleticism could make him a dangerous player given the right training!

A successful team on and off the pitch are equally important. UBS’s goal is straightforward: to help athletes, entertainers and all of our clients understand how wealth can be managed to help meet lifetime goals and legacy objectives. The A& E team have the expertise to help you avoid common missteps, so you can pursue what matters most today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Careers in sports and entertainment can be very quick, and the time spent in the spotlight doesn’t last forever. Check out the A&E team's latest whitepaper, “The Next Stage”, the third of their “Psychology of Money Series” that highlights a framework of best practices that can lead stars to success and fulfillment in their next chapter and help ease the transition.

Visit the Athletes and Entertainers website to read “The Next Stage” and for more Exclusive insights, playbooks, money lessons and ways to drive change.

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