AP's new whitepaper will serve as a roadmap to walk through the benefits of wealth transfer, tax minimization, and wealth preservation. (UBS)

Multicultural investors (MCIs) (represented in Invest to Advance: How Multicultural Families Build Generational Wealth (a publication of the UBS Multicultural Client Segment) as Black, Asian, and Hispanics and Latino American investors) have been financially excluded and underserved in the type and depth of research that can accurately reflect their aspirations and raise their visibility.

With more access to financial services, high net worth and ultra high net worth MCIs are positioned for the next stage in building, allocating, and preserving wealth. Even though the financial industry has made strides in serving MCIs, there is so much work to do. Raising visibility of this important investor segment will continue to help build tailored, inclusive wealth solutions.

In an effort to provide more visibility and access as a complement to the MCI report, Advanced Planning’s whitepaper will serve as a roadmap and walk through the benefits of wealth transfer, tax minimization, and wealth preservation.

The whitepaper addresses topics such as basic estate planning, probate and asset titling, fiduciary appointments, legacy planning and lifetime gifting, as well as a variety of other questions.

About the Advanced Planning Group

The Advanced Planning Group consists of former practicing estate planning and tax attorneys with extensive private practice experience and diverse areas of specialization, including estate planning strategies, income and transfer tax planning, family office structuring, business succession planning, charitable planning, and family governance.

The Advanced Planning Group provides comprehensive planning and sophisticated advice and education to ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients of the firm. The Advanced Planning Group also serves as a think tank for the firm, providing thought leadership and creating a robust intellectual capital library on estate planning, tax, and related topics of interest to UHNW families.