Wealth with purpose

Working together to help you pursue what matters most

UBS Wealth Way starts with questions and a discussion that helps us focus on what’s really important to you.

Then, we can help you organize your financial life into three key strategies.


To help provide cash flow for short-term expenses— to help maintain your lifestyle

How it helps

  • Can help take the emotion out of investing by giving you a better idea of what you need now
  • Strategy can include conservative investments that seek to provide cashflow
  • Can include borrowing strategies to help fund immediate opportunities and unexpected expenses


For longer-term needs— to help improve your lifestyle

How it helps

  • Gain confidence in your future by understanding how to fund your income in retirement and not outlive your assets
  • Strategy can include assets with potential for growth and that account for inflation risk
  • Helps you stay focused on achieving your long-term goals rather than outperforming the markets


For needs that go beyond your own—to help you improve the lives of others

How it helps

  • Helps increase confidence in achieving legacy goals because you’re thinking longer term
  • Strategy can include assets with the potential for growth and seek to generate returns over time
  • Have a clearer picture on how you can make an impact on others while still taking care of your own needs

Pursue what matters most

At the end of the day, it’s not just about wealth. It’s about what your wealth can accomplish. Together, you and your UBS Financial Advisor can help prepare your financial life for today, tomorrow and generations to come—so you can stay focused on what matters most, no matter what the markets are doing. That’s our focus as the world’s largest wealth management firm.*