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Explore how policies and issues could impact your investments

Economy and markets

How can investors win from the US election?

A decisive swing toward either party would impact a range of sectors, from energy and finance to technology and healthcare.

Trump takes executive action on aid

What are the measures, the legal challenges and next steps?

Prepare portfolios for Election Day

We look at the current uncertain environment, the expected impact from potential election outcomes, and what investors should do between now and November.

3 stumbling blocks to the stimulus

The three issues that are the biggest will likely be resolved last.


Profit from advances in Healthcare

Healthcare remains a big focus during the COVID-19 crisis, and the area offers an attractive long-term outlook.

Where are we with healthcare legislation?

A look at recent legislation and how to position for various scenarios.

Foreign policy

The global impact of the US election

What could be the impact on investors around the world?

US election could create opportunities in Europe too

We see three main approaches investors can consider when adjusting their European equity holdings for the outcome of the election.

How to position in Asia for the 2020 US elections

Two candidates offer different visions for future relations and trade with Asia.

What the US elections mean for emerging markets

The Chief Investment Office takes a look at how emerging markets could be impacted by the US election.

Infrastructure and environment

Infrastructure bill: What is really happening?

Lawmakers focus on beating a September 30 expiration of the federal program that funds transportation infrastructure

Private markets: Infrastructure

Funding gaps could present opportunities for private capital to step in.

Biden's infrastructure proposal

Biden's USD 2 trillion climate plan could have beneficial implications for industrials and materials. 

Green themes won't sink without a blue wave

Biden's USD 2 trillion climate plan prompted questions on the reliance of green themes on a Blue Wave scenario.

Wildfires, climate change, and your portfolio

Extreme events impose risks across all asset classes

Social Issues

Police reform in focus

A complication in crafting police reform legislation is that police departments are generally funded by state and local governments. 

The Title VII ruling and the economy

In the US your boss can no longer fire you if they do not like who you date. That is good news for the US economy.

Remote learning and the digital divide

Who should be responsible for closing the digital and educational divide?

COVID and real estate? Simple question, complex answer

 Learn why the pandemic is causing a mass exodus from cities

 No gender equality without financial equality

Why aren’t women equally engaged in financial decision making?

Campaign news

Biden’s comments on defense budget could lift overhang

In an interview, Biden said he doesn't foresee reductions in the US defense budget.

The election has begun

As an increasing portion of votes are cast early, we should view election day not as the day to vote, but instead as the final day to vote.

The DNC and RNC: message of fear from both sides

Both conventions stoked fears in the minds of the electorate as to a potential future

Less than 100 days away

Voting will begin significantly before November 3rd this year. It will also take significantly longer for all of the votes to be tallied

Kamala Harris gets the nod

What are the investment implications?

US Elections: Going Postal

President Trump has been a vocal critic of relying on the US Postal Service to deliver election ballots.

UBS House View: A busy week in Washington

The standard campaign playbook provides little guidance on how to operate during a pandemic.

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