The new modern

Collectors embrace the future (sustainability) and value the classic (museums)

A new survey of US high net worth art collectors reveals they’re optimistic about the art market. They’re considering sustainable options in managing their collections and are willing to pay more for them. In addition, collectors continue to value the important roles of museums, with women more likely to leave some of their collection to them.

Most collectors are optimistic about art and stocks ...

... and they value sustainability

Concerned about carbon footprint of the art market

Where collectors prefer to buy

Museums play a valuable role

Top concerns

Mixed views on when to pass on their collection

Many plan to leave collection to family

Many also plan to leave art to institutions


Charitable organizations

Women spotlight

Women make more large art purchases

Women have larger collections

Women more likely to leave collection outside family

Plan to donate to museums

Plan to donate to charitable organizations

Women and younger generations have collections with slightly more gender diversity

*Of artists with known gender

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About the survey

UBS surveyed 404 investors in the US with $1 million in investable assets that had spent $10,000 or more on art and/or antiques in the past two years.