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Institutional Investors

Institutional Investments

Institutional Investments

To meet the specialized needs of our institutional and plan sponsor clients, UBS Asset Management's capabilities include an array of equity, fixed income, asset allocation, hedge fund strategies - including single and multi-manager investment areas - and real estate. We use innovative risk management techniques and proprietary technologies to structure portfolios to meet the specific risk and return objectives of our institutional clients.

A strategic partner to clients
We believe that client service stretches beyond providing investment expertise and wide-ranging investment capabilities. Our goal is to be viewed as a strategic partner by our clients—one that seeks to understand client-specific needs before recommending investment solutions. The ongoing dialogue between our client relationship managers and clients will include:

  • Evaluating clients' plan structures, processes and investment objectives
  • Understanding clients' risk tolerances, guidelines and restrictions
  • Offering investment solutions that meet the clients' needs while fitting into their overall investment framework