Fixed Income

From a globally integrated investment platform our Fixed Income teams are able to offer a diverse product spectrum to meet the unique individual needs of clients from around the world.

Our fixed income capabilities go beyond the 'core' government and corporate bond sectors and extend to other sectors such as high yield and emerging market debt as well as unconstrained and currency strategies.

We combine these capabilities to create country, regional and global strategies and customized solutions with a wide range of benchmarks that are available through a variety of investment vehicles to retail and institutional clients worldwide.

Additional information

Fixed income strategies are primarily subject to all the investment risks associated with bonds and other fixed income securities. Bonds are subject to interest rate and credit risk. Strategies that invest in high yield bonds are subject to greater volatility and potential loss of principal. Strategies that invest in foreign and emerging market bonds are subject to special risks that are not normally associated with domestic investment, including possible adverse currency fluctuations and political, social and economic risks. There can be no assurance that any strategy will achieve its objective.