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Overview of benefits in the US

UBS Savings Incentive Plan (401K)

Employees may contribute from 1% to 50% of total compensation (up to the annual IRS limit) on a before-tax basis. UBS then matches 75% of the first 4% of your contributions (up to the annual IRS limit). Savings can be invested in a range of funds within the plan. Loans are available. Employees are 100% vested when they enter the plan.

Medical coverage

Health insurance is carried through Cigna (PPO), a 'Choice Plan.' This is a managed care Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that gives employees the choice of receiving care from in-network or out-of-network providers. Employees may also choose several HMOs depending on location.

Dental coverage

UBS offers a dental plan, a PPO dental arrangement, which allows you to receive dental services from any dentist you choose. If you choose an in-network dentist, you may pay a lower cost for the services you receive.

Health care and dependent care reimbursement accounts

UBS offers employees the opportunity to reduce their taxes on uncovered health care and dependent care expenses if they contribute to one or both of health care and dependent care reimbursement accounts. Both accounts allow employees to set aside tax-free dollars.

Disability coverage

Employees are provided with income continuation when illness or injury prohibits them from working for short- or long-term periods.

Life insurance

UBS provides employees with life insurance at no cost equal to their base salary. Employees may purchase additional life insurance.

Dependent life insurance

Employees may purchase dependent life insurance coverage for their spouse and each covered child.

Group legal plan

The plan offers two coverage options, Basic or Comprehensive, and provides simple and affordable access to a network of attorneys who can assist employees with a variety of legal matters.

Bank of days

Our bank of days program covers time off with pay for vacation, personal reasons and sickness. It is designed to provide employees with a generous amount of paid time off.


UBS Asset Management observes holidays when both the US stock and bond markets are closed.