Stepping into the future

China's stepping into a 'new era,' this report shows you how

24 Aug 2018

Xi Jinping spoke of a 'new era' at the National Party Congress in October 2017 but what does that mean for China?

Stepping Into the Future shows that in this 'new era' China will transform its economy and create opportunities for investors by:

  • Delivering the goals of the 13th Five Year Plan
  • Reforming its financial system through deleveraging and opening to overseas investors
  • Promoting services-led growth with 'new economy' sectors taking the lead
  • Upgrading its manufacturing base through automation and innovation
  • Leveraging its new labor advantage founded on a fast-growing pool of science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduates
  • Reshaping the global trade system by pushing ahead with Belt & Road
    With its comprehensive coverage, Stepping Into the Future offers an essential perspective to both understand China and prepare you for the many opportunities it will create.

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