Multi-Asset Portfolios (MAPs) with Active Asset Allocation

For those investors who wish to leverage the expertise that has been typically provided only to institutional investors, UBS Global Asset Management offers Multi-Asset Portfolios with an active asset allocation overlay. These multi-asset portfolios are designed to take advantage of our market insights, capital market assumptions and fundamental research.

  • Active asset allocation involves overweighing and underweighting certain asset classes as opportunities present themselves in the market. This can provide both enhanced returns and risk reduction, based on fundamental analysis, market behavior models and state-of-the-art risk management.

  • Active asset allocation provides the flexibility to seize opportunities in the marketplace to help achieve clients' long-term goals.

Active Overlay MAPs

Active US Balanced Income
Active Global Balanced (with or without Alternative Strategies)
Active Global Multi-Cap Plus Fixed Income (with or without Alternative Strategies)
Active Global Tactical Allocation
Active Global Tactical Allocation – all ETF
Active Diversified Income – all ETF