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For 20 years our team has been implementing sustainable portfolio solutions for investors across the globe. Backed by our distinguished expertise and a diverse research platform, we have a solution to meet your investment goals, while focusing on the impact to society and the environment.

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The conversation is now

To acknowledge this important time in our history, in this new Q&A we ask some of the key members of UBS Asset Management's Sustainable and Impact Investing team, what sustainability and ESG investing mean to them and to the environment.

Unlocking insights: Q&A with Bruno Bertocci

In the latest edition of Unlocking Insights , managing director and senior portfolio manager, Bruno Bertocci, discusses the LTT portfolio construction process and UBS's unique approach to stock selection.

Quick Takes: Getting engaged

Impact and engagement investing is a natural progression within the growing sustainable investing (SI) universe as well as the fastest growing category of SI. The latest Quick Takes discusses how individual investors can turn to a professional asset manager to participate in a sustainable impact and engagement strategy.

Beyond going green

Investing with impact, or sustainable investing, is an idea that is gaining more attention in investment markets. We believe both institutional and individual investors are coming to understand that companies embracing sustainable business practices can outperform those that don’t.

Quick takes Q&A: Thematic investing takes a long-term view

We sat down with Laura Kane, Head of Investment Themes, CIO Americas, Wealth Management, and Bruno Bertocci, Senior Portfolio Manager at UBS Asset Management to learn more about thematic investing, the methodology used to select themes and how clients can get exposure.

Measuring the social and environmental impact of public companies

Investors want to know how they can contribute to a sustainable world. UBS Asset Management's research on impact measurement is at the forefront of modern day sustainable investing. In partnership with leading scientists from academia and a large pension plan, we are developing methodologies to bring to light how global companies are helping to create a more sustainable world, and thereby helping scale-up impact investing.

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