Investment themes Identifying investment themes to help investors reach their financial goals

We have developed platforms focused around four core investment themes to help you find the right solutions.

Investment themes

Alternative investments can deliver returns that are differentiated from debt and equity markets. As one of the largest managers of alternatives investments, UBS Asset Management (Americas) Inc. has a range of solutions that can provide an ideal complement to a traditional investment portfolio.

In this "New Normal" environment of lower long-term bond yields and a flat yield curve, attaining a reasonable level of income from stocks and bonds may entail accepting heightened levels of risk. But there is another choice: municipal bonds are gaining attention for their income, relative stability and diversification benefits.


Multi-asset investing provides exposure to different asset classes across the investment landscape. Investments are spread over a broad range of strategies, styles, sectors and regions and could include allocations to fixed income, equities and cash. This strategy can provide greater diversification while managing risk. Our PACE Select Fund program and UBS Separately Managed Accounts are designed to give investors access to diversified portfolios.

Sustainable investing is an investment style that takes environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into account when making security selections. But "doing good" doesn't have to mean sacrificing return potential. UBS Asset Management (Americas) Inc. is a leader in sustainability, and our investment process allows us to analyze ESG factors to create portfolios that focus on change while producing competitive returns.