UBS UK Donor- Advised Foundation Our goal is to make philanthropy easier for our clients

If you know what UK charitable causes you would like to give to, the UBS UK Donor-Advised Foundation can provide you with:

  • Anonymity - protecting your privacy
  • Flexibility in choosing causes and no minimum grant size
  • Simplicity - we handle all the administration
  • A process which can involve other family members

What is the UBS UK Donor-Advised Foundation?

The UBS UK Donor-Advised Foundation (DAF) is a UK charity that enables you to establish a charitable account to donate to UK registered charities in a manner which can be tailored to suit you. It allows donors to make a donation to establish a charitable account, taking advantage of current potential tax benefits and then recommend grants from the account over time, enabling you to create a long lasting fund without the complexity and cost of setting up your own charitable trust.