Community Affairs UK

We aim to overcome disadvantage by supporting education and entrepreneurship in our local communities through funding and the commitment and skills of our people. We focus on education and entrepreneurship because these are the issues where UBS and our employees can make the most impact.

Our aim is to increase the number of people in our local communities who have the right qualifications, employability and enterprise skills, confidence and aspirations to reach their potential. 

Why partner with UBS Community Affairs?

  • To make an impact in education and entrepreneurship in East London
  • To leverage and partner with UBS's own expertise and resource: UBS's flagship project, the Bridge Academy, was created as a partnership between UBS and a valued Wealth Management client
  • UBS has developed a portfolio of charitable partners over 25 years predominantly in Hackney - all with a proven track record of tackling disadvantage in the fields of education and entrepreneurship.

Clients can make donations to the projects and partners our Community Affairs team work with through the UBS UK Donor-Advised Foundation

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