Mortgages and property financing


Integrating mortgage advice into a total financial plan

If you are looking for a convenient way to tap into the value of your property portfolio, or you wish to consolidate all your assets and liabilities with one provider, then UBS Property Financing could be the solution for you.

The UBS Property Financing team has experience in advising on a variety of property transactions. Given that our clients often have complex financing requirements we are able to offer a tailored product which meets their specific needs.

Benefits at a glance

Customised, expert advice
One of the key advantages of turning to the UBS Property Financing team is that they will be working with your client advisor, who understands your short and long-term objectives.

Your client advisor will work with a member of our dedicated property team, who are highly experienced product experts, to ensure you receive a service tailored to your needs.

UBS offers you the opportunity to combine a traditional mortgage facility with a separate lending facility to provide liquidity for investments. We offer a range of solutions and structures to suit your wider wealth management objectives.

A UBS loan entails a holistic analysis of your needs, so you know just where you stand. All costs and benefits will be clearly defined.

Our partners
UBS works alongside well respected business partners in conveyancing and property valuation to deliver a seamless service.

This information is not a legally binding mortgage offer and it does not oblige UBS to provide you with the mortgage described in this document. UBS has not reviewed your circumstances or your suitability for the mortgage or your ability to afford the debt. The information contained in this document is purely indicative and subject to status and Credit approval.
Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.