Lending Financing options that take advantage of your circumstances


Financing options that take advantage of your circumstances

Investing your assets now is beneficial for your future financial plans. However, most people need additional funds at one time or another. Need to finance a new property or business venture?

At UBS, we aim to make all your assets work harder for you. Holding a portfolio with us allows you a number of options when it comes to borrowing, most notably a Lombard loan. With the benefit in this case that your portfolio can be used as collateral for any loan you may need to fund a new business opportunity or property investment.

Lombard lending is just one of the banking services that make working with UBS a flexible and efficient experience.

Any financing proposals included in this document are indicative only and subject to the credit approval process of UBS and do not represent a commitment to lend on the terms or structures outlined.
Borrowing to invest can increase both the yield and risk. Where money has been borrowed to invest in the product, the investor could also lose this borrowed money. In this case the investor will still be required to pay back the borrowed amount and therefore should be able to withstand the loss of this borrowed money and meet their debt obligations.