UBS Workplace Wealth

Enhancing the value of your employee equity plan

UBS offers its award-winning global wealth management service in your workplace to help your employees understand how equity awards fit into their overall financial picture, and realise the full value of their holdings.

Driving Equity Plan Value

Companies offer equity awards to attract, reward and retain top talent, but plan participants don't always recognise the value of what they hold.

Research conducted by UBS* revealed that if participants follow three steps they will appreciate their awards twice as much

  • Step 1: Incorporate equity awards into the broader financial picture
  • Step 2: Seek advice on company share holdings
  • Step 3: Diversify company share holdings

Some companies may not realise that the financial crisis, increased complexities around retirement planning and uncertain financial markets may have made employees more sceptical or confused about their financial futures.

Workplace Advice Gap

Employees themselves are seeking advice in the workplace.

The FCA, in their Financial Advice Market Review, stated that the workplace represents a place where the advice gap can be addressed, with consumer demand strong (57% of employees wanting advice according to Scottish Widows)**

What we offer

  • Tailored equity plan education seminars
  • Financial education seminars
  • Financial education materials
  • Access to a UK digital advice platform with modelling tools
  • Access to advice via a global network of Client Advisors
  • Introductions to tax advisors if needed.

Our education services are available to broad-based and executive participants.


Find out what we can do for your company by contacting Shelley Doorey-Williams, Head of Wealth Planning and Sales Facilitation, IPS UK and Jersey.