Entrepreneur Interviews

We asked leading entrepreneurs about their experiences of life after exit as part of our research with partner organisation E2Exchange: Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur Exchange. In these videos they share their personal stories, from staying on in business and becoming a serial entrepreneur to the rewards of philanthropy.

Angel Investing

Martin Luew

Martin Leuw, who exited IRIS in 2011, describes what motivates his angel investment decisions

Neal Ghandi

Neal Ghandi, Angel Investor outlines the benefits of conscience-led business investment


Dame Stephanie Shirley

Dame Stephanie Shirley, IT entrepreneur turned ardent philanthropist on her move from making money to giving away money.

Dinesh Dhamija

Dinesh Dhamija, who exited Ebookers in 2005, on supporting charities which make a difference to the lives of children in India.

Serial entrepreneurship

Munir Samji

Munir Samji, founder of Blitz Communications on what his plans were just 6 weeks post exit.

Hugh Chappell

Hugh Chappell, who exited TrustedReviews.com in 2007, describes how he has gone on to become a successful serial entrepreneur.

Staying on in your business

Lara Morgan

Lara Morgan founder of Pacific Direct, on how she found it hard to leave the business after exit.

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