Holistic wealth solutions for RNDs

Connecting the dots

Your goals are unique to you and will evolve over time. With UBS in Switzerland, you'll receive planning that helps you achieve your ambitions, however they might change. We call it our Total Wealth approach.

Looking after you

Our experts are experienced in understanding you and your wealth, and come from diverse backgrounds including banks, legal and accountancy firms and trust companies.

We have experience in assisting RND clients over many years and we will contact you regularly to tell you about new opportunities to make the most of your wealth.

Shaping your wealth

To help you choose the right solution, we'll explain different options to you:

  • RND investment planning: By using us you can benefit from our years of unrivalled experience in offering and managing tax-efficient investment strategies and allowing you to navigate with ease the world of RND compliant investments.
  • Trusts: An offshore trust is a well known and widely accepted succession and tax planning tool. As a UK RND individual there may be inheritance tax advantages in settling your non-UK situs assets into an "excluded property trust". There may also be income and capital gains tax benefits, depending on the terms and beneficiaries of your trust.
  • Offshore bond: An offshore bond is a life assurance-based wealth planning solution combining well-established tax treatment with an investment portfolio tailored to your needs. You can switch investment funds and strategies in the bond whenever you like – free of charge and without incurring a tax liability.
  • Multi account set-up: As a UK RND individual on the remittance basis, you can optimize the tax you pay on the money remitted to the UK by keeping separate accounts in conjunction with booking instructions to allow precise identification of the origin of the invested assets (clean capital, capital/capital gains and income).
  • Income segregation: To optimise the benefits of the remittance basis, you may wish to ensure that you only invest in assets that allow income to be segregated 100% i.e. any income element should be separately identified and can be additionally, under UK tax laws, segregated.

Share your priorities with us

Come and see us so we can find out more about what matters to you.

UBS does not give tax advice and you should consult your independent tax adviser for specific advice before entering into or refraining from entering into any investment.