Our solutions

What is best for you?

Our solutions are as individual as you. To keep you on the right path to your goals, we can adapt your solution whenever your aims, needs and circumstances change.

Income, Gains and Loss Report

To help to make your tax return preparation easier, we can provide a detailed Income, Gains and Losses Report upon request. UBS does not provide tax advice. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may change in the future. For further information on tax, kindly seek advice from your tax advisor.

Keeping you on track

To help keep you on track for achieving your goals, you can request that we review your arrangements with us every year. We will make sure that your solutions are performing as well as possible, and that they match any changes in your life, goals and needs.

Our investment solutions

Whether you want to take control of your wealth or let our experts guide you, our investment solutions can reflect your unique goals and needs.

UBS Advice™

You decide on your investments, while benefiting from weekly monitoring of risks in your portfolio. We will also contact you when necessary, including suggesting improvements to your investments.

UBS Advice™
Premium UK RND

You receive proactive investment proposals from your client advisor or Active Advisor. You also benefit from regular monitoring of your portfolio, and receive active and prompt notifications of risks – all while you make the decisions on your investments.

UBS Manage™

You benefit from UBS’s full investment capabilities and expertise in one personalised
solution. You keep the full flexibility to change your selections, investment strategy and investment amount at any time.

UBS Manage™
ADVANCED Systematic
Allocation Portfolio UK RND

You benefit from a rule-based portfolio solution designed for clients who like to avoid risk in volatile markets, and wish to limit exposure to equities during downturns. The solution aims to reduce portfolio risk in strongly down-trending and volatile equity markets.

Share your priorities with us

Come and see us so we can find out more about what matters to you.

The price and value of investments and income derived from them can go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

UBS does not give tax advice and you should consult your independent tax adviser for specific advice before entering into or refraining from entering into any investment.