Managing your Resident Non-Domiciled wealth

Have confidence in your offshore arrangements

As an RND individual, the UK’s beneficial tax regime may sound simple enough: You pay no UK income tax or capital gains tax on your non-UK offshore income and gains unless you remit them to the UK. But of course, nothing’s ever quite that easy. The relevant law is both complex and evolving. Benefiting from it is extremely time-consuming.

This is where we can support. As the wealth manager of choice for UK RND individuals, we can help if you are moving to the UK for a short period, have sufficient funds or income in the UK to leave your offshore assets untouched, or need to find an effective way of remitting some funds into the UK while you are there.

Working with your tax and legal advisors, we determine the most efficient set-up of your offshore banking and investments. Helping you meet your financial goals while remaining compliant with all relevant legislation.

Make sure you don’t miss out

There is no 'one size fits all' solution. Your needs and financial objectives are unique, and will change over time. Whether you prefer to delegate the day-to-day management of your portfolio to us, or take all investment decisions yourself and draw on our advice when needed… Your personalised offshore banking and investment strategy will be flexible, allowing it to adapt to changes in the markets or your circumstances.

Go straight to the specialists

You will have direct access to our extensive team of wealth planners who come from a range of backgrounds, including banks, trust companies, legal and accountancy firms. Together with our global Chief Investment Office analysts, they have huge experience in monitoring markets and asset classes that enables them to advise on specialist tax-efficient investment strategies that react to changes in the market as well as in legislation.

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