What's it all for?

Legacy and Opportunity

What should we give to others… and how?

Contemplating legacy and opportunity can be liberating. It can also raise all sorts of questions: What do I want to leave for future generations? How should it be left? How can I help others?

For many, the financial future of their children and wider family comes first. Once they are set up, the focus then turns to important causes, social issues and personal passions - each raising a host of searching questions.


Wealth can bring a strong personal sense of personal obligation or a responsibility to make a difference. But all philanthropy should seek to avoid harm and maximize impact. Most wealthy individuals are looking for a clear, measurable, positive impact. At UBS, we help them find it.


Philanthropy can be genuinely rewarding. But then, so is indulging a passion - whether it’s a personal hobby, a public interest or simply the business that’s driven them all their lives.
How do make sure our passionate investments are also sound ones?

Our clients typically bring the qualities that made them successful to the philanthropy conversation

Tom Hall, Head of UBS Philanthropy Services, Global

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