Innovative investment

Benefit from new insights

For you it's not enough to invest in the shares of major companies. Just like professional investors, you want to exploit the full investment spectrum and benefit from innovative forms of investment.

We can provide you with investments of this kind - investments that you would otherwise find it difficult to access. Different solutions will be relevant for you depending on your needs and your attitude to risk.

Those whose primary aim is to avoid losses are best served by an absolute return approach. This attempts to smooth out market fluctuations and always strives to generate positive returns. However, if you want to stabilize your existing portfolio of shares and bonds, the best approach is through non-traditional investments such as hedge funds, real estate, commodities or private equity. We also regard socially responsible investments - i.e. investments that take account of ethical and environmental concerns - as promising, because challenges like climate change inevitably throw up opportunities for innovative companies.

We would be delighted to provide you with comprehensive advice and show you how you can use innovative investments to improve your portfolio.

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