UBS Property Financing Integrating mortgage advice into a total financial plan

A 360-degree view of your finances involves not just looking at your assets, but also involves considering your liabilities, particularly your mortgage. Many people think of a mortgage as a stand-alone decision, but it can be integral to an overall financial plan. By thinking about mortgage financing as part of your wealth planning, you can be assured that considerations such as your tax situation and retirement planning are taken into account.

Our in-house team of experts can provide fast and efficient advice as to whether a UBS mortgage is right for you. UBS offers a fully flexible mortgage, which allows you to manage your debt by overpaying without penalty and yet providing you the facility to redraw on the capital at any time during the term. Alternatively, you may prefer the security of fixed interest payments and the UBS mortgage allows you to fix part or all of the mortgage at any point during the mortgage term.