IPM – Edition September 2022

Our quarterly insights into private markets

Private markets 12 Sep 2022 50 min read

Insights into Private Markets (IPM) is our next generation Real Estate Outlook (REO). IPM uncovers key insights across real estate, infrastructure, food & agriculture, private equity and private credit.

Our private markets experts have provided a comprehensive analysis and answer some burning questions, looking at past performance, the present situation and forecasts of key sectors. They share their views about the forces currently shaping the private markets space, such as inflation, including the US Inflation Reduction Act, the war in Ukraine, the rise in food and energy prices, and the circumstances in which these factors may or may not work for individual investors.

We’ve uncovered some niche specialist areas such as life sciences, the global living sector, amongst others discussing their potential for investors and why we expect to hear more about them in the future.

We’ve analyzed the global real estate landscape and have zoomed in on the US, APAC, and Europe.

In food & agriculture, we’ve explored what rising food prices and the current inflationary environment might mean for net farm income, farm sector equity and debt, and why farmland is expected to remain an attractive sector.

Our outlook for private credit shows a fresh wind of new business opportunities amidst the recent market selloffs.

As well as an outlook for private equity, you will also discover what’s driving growth in the private equity secondaries market, and whether this sub-asset class poses an attractive opportunity for investors in the current macroeconomic environment.

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