UBS Global Opportunity Unconstrained Fund

Max Anderl

Portfolio Manager 
Max Anderl

An unconstrained fund based on a proven stock selection process

The UBS Global Opportunity Unconstrained Fund is a highly active long/short fund investing across global equities, targeting a relatively high active share. The Fund seeks to outperform the MSCI World index over the period of a market cycle and is unconstrained in terms of sector, country and market capitalisation exposure, allowing portfolio managers the full freedom to implement investment ideas.

The Fund is run by the UBS Concentrated Alpha Equity team using the same approach as the European Opportunity Unconstrained Fund and the Global Opportunity Fund, both 5 star Morningstarâ„¢ rated funds and top quartile ranked against their respective Lipper peer universe1.

The team are an investment boutique within UBS Asset Management using a differentiated investment philosophy to make independent investment decisions. Since 2004 they have been specialising in highly active Global and European equity mandates, including long-only and long/short.

Investments are based on a proven bottom-up stock selection approach using fundamental, quantitative and qualitative analysis, seeking to identify companies with the best risk versus reward profiles in the market. The strategy seeks to generate outperformance relative to the benchmark by buying equities the portfolio manager is positive on and shorting stocks with high downside risk.