Get more from your investment

Invest tax-efficiently

At UBS we have a range of six funds in which you can invest via a tax-efficient ISA. You can choose to invest up to £7,000 (or up to £14,000 if both you and your partner wish to invest) each tax year free from any capital gains tax or income tax.

From 5 April 2004 you will continue to benefit from these tax incentives but the Government will abolish the 10% tax credit on dividends paid by company shares held within a UBS ISA. This tax year (2003-2004) will be the last time to take advantage of this extra tax benefit.

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Invest with confidence

When investing with UBS, you benefit from our extensive global resources and proven investment track record, to help you achieve your long-term investment objectives. Which means you can be confident that your money is being managed effectively, by one of the world's leading investment managers.

How to invest

It's easy to invest in a UBS ISA. You can invest a lump sum with a minimum investment of £1,000 or you can invest regularly by direct debit from as little as £50 a month. You can also transfer your existing ISAs from another provider to a UBS ISA.

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