UBS US 130/30 Equity Fund

Fund Manager: Tom Digenan

The Fund seeks to achieve long-term returns through active management of a diversified portfolio invested primarily in US equities, equity instruments and derivatives.

  • Managed by the same established and highly regarded team as the UBS US Equity Fund

  • Potential for long-term capital growth

  • Active management of a range of primarily large and medium sized US companies

  • Seeks to achieve higher returns using sophisticated investment techniques

  • Higher level of risk than a standard US equity fund

Changes in rates of exchange may cause the value of this investment to fluctuate. The Fund will use derivatives as part of its investment capabilities. This allows it to take ‘short positions' in some investments and we can sell a holding we do not own, on the anticipation that its value will fall. These instruments carry a material level of risk and the Fund could be potentially exposed to enhanced / magnified falls, should the market move against them. In order to trade in derivative instruments we enter into agreements with various counterparties. Whilst we assess the credit worthiness of each counterparty we enter into an agreement with, the Fund is at risk if that counterparty does not fulfil its obligations under the agreement.