Defined Benefit

We understand the needs of defined benefit pension funds and offer a wide range of segregated capabilities and pooled funds. We offer investment capabilities and investment styles across all major traditional and alternative asset classes. These include equity, fixed income, currency, hedge fund, real estate, infrastructure and private equity investment capabilities that can also be combined in multi-asset strategies.

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Pooled funds

Segregated capabilities

Equity (active)

Fixed Income (active)

Global Optimal Equity

Global/regional Bonds

UK Equity

UK Fixed Interest Gilts

UK Small Cap Equity

UK Corporate Bonds

Pan Euro Small Cap Equity

UK Cash

Pan Euro/Euro ex-UK Equity

UK Index-Linked Gilts

Asia Pacific ex-Japan Equity

Japanese Equity

US Equity




Passive Equity


UBS Triton Property Fund (Limited Partnership pooled vehicle)

Passive Bonds