Steps Seminars

First Steps is primarily designed for new trustees who are not familiar with financial markets and covers general investment matters in an accessible manner.

Second Steps examines in more detail the role that equities, bonds and alternatives can play in your investment strategy. We will also be investigating risk/return implications on a scheme. It is designed for trustees who have been involved with the scheme for a little while or who already have some financial market knowledge.

Dates and invitation for 2017

Dates for 2017

First Steps - Tuesday 7 November

Second Steps - Wednesday 22 November

Inevitably there are elements of these seminars that will overlap. In our experience we find that participants gain more from attending the seminar most suited to their current level of knowledge.

Our Steps Seminars are CPD accredited and will account for 6 hours of CPD activity.

If you have any queries about our seminar programme, please do not hesitate to contact Sasha Powell on 020 7901 5160, or any member of your UBS Asset Management team.