ETF investment themes Our ETF investment topics for potential high-yielding investment opportunities.

Learn more about how to optimize your Multi Asset strategy and, explore additional investment opportunities, such as, global equity markets and socially responsible ETFs. Our investment themes provide a lot of information about investing in ETFs.

Factor beta investing

Gain exposure towards systematic equity factors.


Corporate bond investing

Access to a well-diversified selection of liquid corporate bonds.

Multi-asset portfolio

All major asset classes in a single ETF: UBS ETF MAP Balanced 7 SF UCITS ETF provides access to a multi-asset strategy in a single fund.

Global dividend

A dividend-oriented UBS ETF which provides diversified exposure to leading dividend-paying companies worldwide.

Currency hedged

Optimized return opportunities because of cost-effective and efficient currency hedge.

Cyclical and defensive sectors

Be well-positioned during any phase of the economic cycle – with systematic investments in the right economic sectors.

Socially responsible investments

Investments that convey personal values without sacrificing return potential.


Attractive asset class with diversification value and potential as a hedge against inflation. UBS ETFs offer liquidity every trading day.

Equity markets

Broadly diversified access to key global equity markets with just a single transaction.