Go anywhere with UBS Global Strategic Bond Fund

A flexible approach to Fixed Income

Why now?

Fixed income investors are confronted with numerous challenges today. Unprecedented intervention by major central banks has created distortions in the role bonds play in your portfolio.

With low yields on government bonds, increasing volatility from interest rate risk and expensive valuations in many asset classes, a flexible, global approach is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in these times.

Why UBS Global Strategic Bond Fund?

  • UBS Global Strategic Bond Fund offers investors flexibility across fixed income asset classes, without reliance on a single asset factor in particular to generate returns, as well as diversification across active management strategies and geographies.
  • Quality and liquidity are additional characteristics of the fund that can serve investors well in the current backdrop.
  • World renowned experts, in every asset class, based all around the world
  • 0% AMC share class

Dynamically adjusting multiple return drivers to meet the changing market conditions

Introducing Kevin Zhao, Head of Global Sovereign and Currency, Fixed Income

Kevin Zhao is the lead portfolio manager on all active Global Sovereign and Flexible Fixed Income Strategies as well as Active Currency Management. In this role he is responsible for all investment decisions taken for and implemented in these strategies. He is a member of the Fixed Income Investment Forum, and joined UBS Asset Management in 2011.

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