UBS Advisory Coverage Premium

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Our new wealth management service – built on 150 years of wealth management experience, best-in-class digital platform and advisory services – is designed for clients with investible assets of at least USD 1,000,000. Our account fees are fixed, we don’t charge for transactions or have any restrictions on termination.
So go ahead! Try us out and see for yourself how we can help you make the most of your wealth.

Wealth management

  • 150 years of private banking experience
  • 900 top analysts, economists and investment professionals
  • The world's most comprehensive range of investment products

Fintech made personal

  • Your portfolio is monitored 24/7. We leverage our award-winning Cornerstone technology to ensure that your investments are tracked and aligned to your goals
  • We provide you with personalized, real-time notifications and research reports

No transaction fees

  • Fixed account fees
  • Clear, unambiguous transaction details
  • Wealth management services bound by contractual obligation: life planning, portfolio health check alerts and regular investment reviews

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