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As China accelerates in reopening momentum and refocuses on the economy, market mood has changed dramatically from last year when intense volatility kept many on the sidelines.

Is China a good place to invest now? We think the Chinese economy will turn a corner this year. That said, our long-term view on China as a large opportunity for active investors has not changed—and we remain constructive.

Watch our China equity, fixed income, hedge fund and investment solutions teams share their thinking and look ahead in China investing in the following videos.

The outlook for China equities

Head of China Equities Bin Shi thinks that the theme for Chinese equities this year is recovery and normalization. In this 2023 outlook discussion, he talks about seeing signals of a positive reversal for the economy and Chinese equities.

The strength of China bonds

Head of Global Emerging Markets & Asia Pacific Fixed Income Hayden Briscoe and Head of Asia Fixed Income Raymond Gui explain the reasons behind the outperformance of onshore Chinese sovereign bonds last year and where they think that market is headed.

Portfolio Manager for Investment Solutions Jade Fu, Hayden Briscoe, Raymond Gui and Bin Shi talk about the challenges with investing in China and the importance of having a long-term mindset and approach. Where do they expect to see China markets in five years?

Hedge fund outlook

UBS O’Connor Head of Research for China Equity Long/Short Jia Tan (TJ) explains how the nimbleness of a long/short strategy may protect capital during periods of short-term volatility and may be in a position to capture the upside ahead of a rebound.

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