Management Company Services A network with branches extending throughout Europe

Our fund management companies in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Ireland offer all risk management, compliance and governance services you and your fund may require. They also ensure the compliance with laws and regulations while confirming protection for all investors.

Management Company Services

Our management companies

UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG

UBS Third Party Management Company SA

Lantern Structured Asset Management Ltd

Our solutions

Key elements

  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Services

Management companies - Locations & legal vehicles

  • Switzerland (KAG)
  • Luxembourg (UCITS & AIF)
  • Ireland (UCITS & AIF)

Main activities

  • Advisory
  • Structuring
  • Contracting
  • Supervision
  • Administration

Bringing our expertise to you

We propose our services for several investment classes bundled with different possible fund structures according to Swiss, Luxembourg and Irish law.

Our bespoke and efficient investment fund solutions enable banks, asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds and other institutional investors to concentrate on their core functions and benefit from our extensive know-how, optimized processes and platforms.

UBS Management Companies collaborate with Northern Trust as the preferred service provider for all fund administration services for white labelling solutions. As a white labelling client you would generally have a contract with the selected UBS Management Company which supervises administrative as well as regulatory tasks and guarantees the desired Value Proposition.

Fund Domicile





Swiss funds and limited offering of offshore and alternative funds (e.g. Cayman funds)

Luxembourg, European and UK funds as well as limited offering of offshore and alternative Products (e.g. Cayman funds)

Irish funds and limited offering of Cayman funds



Single hedge funds



Fund of hedge funds

Institutional funds / QIF




Private equity


Real estate









Fund Management Services

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Market Access and Corporate Services

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White Label Funds

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White Label Funds - Application Cases

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White Label Funds - Solution for Wholesaler

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White Label Funds - Solutions for Asset Owners

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White Label Funds - Treasury Management

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Qualified Investor Funds

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Single Investor Funds

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Single Investor Funds - Voting Rights

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UBS Managed Account

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White Label Fund - SICAV




White Label Fund - Solution for insurer




Representative Services

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