Bertrand Piccard bio

Bertrand Piccard
Scientist, adventurer, psychiatrist, aeronaut, humanitarian, renowned inspirational speaker

Dr. Bertrand Piccard is the winner of the first transatlantic balloon race. Always pushing the boundaries, he became the first man to succeed in the record-breaking, first nonstop round-the-world balloon flight (together with Brian Jones) – “Around The World
In 20 Days.”

Using his aerial exploits as a backdrop, he illustrates his concept of the psychology of life, human communication, team-work, motivation, pioneering spirit, as well as how to deal with stress, uncertainty and crises.

A senior consultant in a psychiatric hospital, Piccard specialized jointly in psychiatry and psychotherapy for adults and children. His doctoral thesis entitled “La Pédagogie de l’Epreuve” was awarded a prize by the Faculty of Medicine at Lausanne in 1996. An expert in hypnotherapy, Piccard is a lecturer and supervisor for the Swiss Medical Hypnosis Society. He is also an Honorary Professor at Guatemala’s Franciso Maroquin University and an Honorary Doctor of Science and Letters.

Born March 1, 1958 in Lausanne (Switzerland), his grandfather, Auguste Piccard, was the first person to explore the stratosphere and invented the bathyscaphe with which his father, Jacques Piccard, dived to the deepest point in the oceans.

A pioneer in hang gliding, he is European champion in hang glider aerobatics (1985). His balloon flight achieved the longest flight in terms of both duration and distance in the history of aviation: 45,755 kilometers in 19 days, 21 hours and 47 minutes(seven world records).

Official decorations: Légion d’Honneur, The Olympic Order, Gold Medal of the French Ministry of Youth and Sport. He was awarded the highest distinctions of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, the National Geographic Society, the Explorer’s Club and other aeronautical, scientific and sporting associations.

Founder of the “Winds of Hope” humanitarian foundation, he is also Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)