Year Ahead 2022

Game changers: The power of reimagination
Thursday, January 6 - Friday, January 7, 2022

Game changers

The power of reimagination

Hear from the Game changers.

Reimagine the power of investment, in playing to China's regulatory push.

Hear from the Game changers.

Reimagine the power of investment, for smart city opportunities in Asia.

Hear from the Game changers.

Reimagine the power of investment, for public healthcare in Asia.

Facebook wants to build the metaverse and is boldly reimagining its future. In the Age of AI, 5G and carbon transition goals, we are optimistic that the golden age of technological transformation can continue well into the future. The race is on…driven by the power of reimagination.

What are the Game changers that may create investment opportunities?

  • Our quest for a greener world is accelerating the need for breakthrough technologies
  • Blockchain technology may see the rise of new businesses and the decentralization of finance
  • Gene editing has shifted our conversations from Lifespan to Healthspan
  • The pandemic has changed how we embrace new communications technologies

What about China - has the game changed? How should we invest?

Please watch UBS Year Ahead 2022 below to find out what will drive markets in the coming year and reimagine the future with our CIO team and industry trail blazers

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CIO Year Ahead 2022

January 6

Opening address

Global Year Ahead 2022: A Year of Discovery

Is inflation here to stay? What will drive growth & what will economic policymakers do? After two years marked by lockdowns & stuttered reopenings, in a Year of Discovery, we are set to learn what a new “normal” looks like in a world transformed by the effects of the pandemic.

Looking further ahead, the net-zero carbon transition & technological disruption are set to prove the most consequential investment trends of the coming decade, with opportunities observed in greentech, big data & cyber security, to name a few.

This session will focus on the global investment outlook for 2022 & take a closer look at some of the biggest questions that will drive conversations in this year of discovery.

Electric vehicles: From niche to mainstream

This session will look at the time horizon to full electrification for electric vehicles, discuss the near & long-term industry bottlenecks & what the future battery might look like.

APAC Year Ahead 2022: A Year of Realignment

After leading the world’s recovery from the pandemic in 2020, Asia has trailed in 2021. Lagging vaccination rates, the delta variant & a philosophical struggle on whether to “live with COVID-19”, have held back reopening in comparison to certain developed markets. After a volatile 2021, what does 2022 have in store for investors?

This session will deep dive into the region’s prospects amid this year of realignment.

New game in China

2021 has been a turbulent year for China, with investors riding a rollercoaster of volatility amid headwinds from regulatory clampdowns, a property debt crisis, supply chain disruptions & an energy crunch.

In line with achieving its “common prosperity” goals, Beijing has embarked on a series of “distribution” reforms aimed at promoting more inclusive & sustainable growth. The new development model could have profound implications on the future of China’s economy, markets & technology sector. So, has the game changed in China for investors?

This session will explore the post-pandemic investment landscape in China.

Future of investing: In conversation with Henry Kravis

Henry Kravis is a Wall Street legend. He recently stepped down as the Co-CEO of KKR with his cousin, George Roberts, after founding & running the company for 45 years. They’ve built KKR into one of the most powerful financial institutions in the world. Today, KKR has US$430b in assets across private equity, real estate, insurance & credit investing.

This session will cover macro trends, how the world of finance & investing may change in the future, what KKR is investing in today & how.

January 7

Opening address

The world revolves around software: Every company is a software company

Despite growing rapidly over the past decade, the software industry has barely scratched the surface of its potential.

Every company now wants to be a software company selling digital subscriptions, thanks to advancements in cloud technology. The software journey has only just begun, with solid growth prospects ahead in areas like artificial intelligence, big data, & security.

This session will look at the macro trends in software & the various roles it plays.

Private credit investing: An alternative income strategy for investing in a low yield environment

Private credit investing has blossomed in the past decade, with assets under management growing fivefold to close to a trillion US dollars. Private credit covers a broad range of investment strategies, from opportunistic & distressed debt, to middle market & specialty investing.

This session will discuss the growth & outlook of private credit & the strategies that Owl Rock has utilized in generating returns.

The evolution of healthcare

New techniques for manipulating genes & cells are expanding treatment options for hard-to-treat conditions. Digital technology is playing a growing role in meeting healthcare demand, set to keep rising as the world’s population ages.

How will game-changing technologies in healthcare impact our lives & our portfolios?

This session will discuss the most promising technologies, their potential impact & how to invest in them.

NFT revolution

An NFT is a blockchain certificate of authenticity for unique digital or physical objects. It is an important method for content creators to create digital uniqueness & collectability to monetize their creative content & develop deeper relationships with their clients, fans & supporters.

This session will touch on the ‘what’, ‘why’ & ‘how’ of NFTs.

Metaverse: Opportunities in a brave new world

Metaverse is a term from the novel "Snow Crash" & refers to the idea of a shared virtual digital world. On October 28, 2021, Facebook Inc. changed its name to Meta, in a rebrand that focuses on building the metaverse.

Metaverse could be the successor to the mobile internet. Facebook’s Reality Labs division has created a product team to build the metaverse & plans to hire 10,000 employees.

This session will explore importance of the metaverse & look at how it will become an experience that spans both the digital & physical worlds.


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Henry R.

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CIO & Founding Partner, Huaxing Growth Capital;
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