Sustainable Investing

How your portfolio can contribute to society

Investors no longer need to compromise their values to generate financial returns. In fact, investing with an eye on positive outcomes could even improve portfolio performance. This win-win is called sustainable investing and is one of the world’s financial megatrends

Sustainable investing is one of the major trends within the investment world, with global assets following this approach reaching USD 22.8trn in 2016, which represents around 1 in 4 dollars invested globally.Institutional investors have been some of the first movers into Sustainable Investing driven by ethical alignment and expectations for improved riskreturns of the portfolios. In recent years, requests from private investors to adapt their investments towards companies leading in sustainability and to align portfolios with their values, passions and personal convictions beyond the pure financial view have grown considerably.

Sustainable Investing can make a positive impact by either focusing on actively directing capital to the best companies according to sustainability criteria, or by influencing corporate decisions through active shareholder engagement. In this way, achievement of both a positive social and environmental impact together with a market rate financial return is possible.

One reason that sustainable investing is likely to deliver strong financial returns is because investments that consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks may be more likely to avoid adverse events, accounting misstatements or regulatory fines. Typical areas identified for investment are also often seen as emerging industries, such as electric cars, sustainable agriculture, and financial services in developing countries, and therefore intrinsically include greater growth potential.

There are many ways to invest sustainably, both through public and private markets.

We are proud to offer you access to the first truly 100% sustainable portfolio across equities and bonds available for private investors through our award-winning UBS Manage offerings. Each exposure in this portfolio aims to deploy capital to benefit people and/or the planet and to deliver market-rate returns – an often symbiotic relationship.

The portfolio provides 100% exposure to assets that incorporate environmental, social and governance aspects, such as green bonds, ESGthematic equities and shareholder engagement strategies, which seek to improve company behavior through direct shareholder dialogue. It has been built to benefit from global megatrends, invest in companies with high ESG standards and investments that help to create better economies.

Please come and talk to us…

  • …if you believe that innovative, agile and well-run companies are better positioned to capture growth opportunities resulting from global megatrends;
  • …if you are convinced that businesses which address key societal challenges can thrive financially;
  • …if you are concerned how air pollution or water scarcity impact our quality of life or that of our next generation;
  • …if you favor ethical business practices and companies that address societal challenges, rather than cause them.

Here is what is driving sustainable investing

How can you participate?

  • Our flagship offering is our award-winning, professionally managed UBS ManageTM solution now with 100% Sustainable Investing focus. The portfolio features exclusive investment content not available otherwise. We customize the portfolio for you based on your personal risk and return expectations along three strategies.
  • We offer you access to exciting private equity impact investing opportunities in partnership with leading managers, allowing you to invest in sectors such as food & agriculture, education, emerging markets healthcare or to foster access to financial services.
  • Our broad range of investment funds with sustainability and impact focus in both equities and fixed income, such as shareholder engagement funds, our range of green bond funds and thematic solutions into smart energy, water or gender equality, allows you to build your own individual sustainability exposure in your investment portfolio.

    Protecting and growing clients’ wealth over generations is our core task. We build portfolios that deliver long-term returns through market research, portfolio diversification and diligent risk management.

    Sustainable investing does not detract from our core task, but supports it.