Focused Insights

A tough act to follow?

The first half of the year has been a positive one for investors, with strong returns across all major asset classes. However in this current environment of heightened risks and elevated volatility, we believe that investors should stay invested and diversified to remain positioned for long-term market growth. We advise investors to plan, protect and grow their portfolios.

Waiting for clarity

China and the US are locked in a high-stakes test of resolve. Neither side wants to give way. But if one side pushes past the other’s breaking point, tensions could rise dramatically and for an extended period.

Sustainable investing has already arrived 

Fifteen years ago, Mike Ryan, Chief Investment Officer Americas, rarely encountered a wealthy investor who wanted to learn about sustainable investing (SI). The topic of aligning your portfolio to your values came up in about one in 10 family meetings he attended, he recalls. How things have changed. 

GBA could benefit from escalating trade tensions

Trade tensions? No worries. China's Greater Bay Area could very well benefit as China and the US continue fighting it out. 

Plan, Protect, and Grow

The current investment backdrop is challenging – expected returns in bonds are low but risks in equities are high. What investors can do, however, is to take advantage of structured products. 

Plant-patty profits possible

Burger King's sales in St. Louis topped the store's national foot traffic in April, helped by sales of the Impossible Whopper, a plant-based patty made by Impossible Foods. The fast-food chain now has plans to launch this alternative sandwich nationwide.

Invest for Good 

There is always a purpose behind financial investments. Perhaps it’s performance. Or preserving your wealth for the next generation. Or maybe you want your investments to reflect your values. Whatever your purpose, sustainable investing may hold the answer.