From pandemic to possibilities

Mid-Year Outlook 2020

Financial markets in 2020 will go down in investing history the same way the GFC did just over a decade earlier –the COVID-19 crisis setting off an economic shock and triggering a major financial crisis. The speed and ferocity of market repricing was unprecedented but so too was the policy response.

With signs of curve flattening and vaccine promise, financial markets have since eased up but many questions remain top of investors’ minds:

  • How quickly will the global economy recover?
  • Can the market have a V or W-shaped recovery even if the real economy does a U or L?
  • Will Coronavirus change the way we work, shop and play and what lasting structural shifts may result?
  • What are the medium-term risks and implications resulting from the aggressive “anything is possible” policy response?
  • How can we best position our portfolio to take advantage of opportunities from this financial fallout?


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