International banking in Switzerland Reliable, deep expertise working for your benefit

By choosing UK International, you gain access to the full breadth and depth of Swiss wealth management excellence. Our dedicated client advisors draw on over 150 years of wealth management experience. Building on this solid foundation, our focus is on creating a partnership that is shaped by you and your wealth management needs. One that considers the challenges of today's volatile markets in a changing regulatory and tax environment.

Services for UK residents

Our UK and international expertise gives us a global perspective on investments and the changing landscape of international banking regulations. Our approach is founded on the knowledge that everyone's personal circumstances - and therefore their financial needs - are unique.

We are committed to delivering sustainable positive investment returns and being a responsive partner both in Switzerland and internationally

Our offering at a glance:

  • Senior client advisors, well trained in cross-border aspects, determine the most efficient set-up of your offshore banking and investments
  • Swiss-based wealth planners with extensive experience ensure compliance with relevant tax laws and refer to financial planning specialists if needed
  • UK-specific transaction and income reporting
  • Expertise in providing access to a wide range of tax-compliant services and products:
  • Investment mandates for clients who want to delegate daily investment decisions
  • Active portfolio advisory mandates for clients who prefer to take investment decisions themselves in close dialogue with a dedicated investment specialist
  • UBS advice mandates for clients who pursue their own investment ideas, but welcome recommendations from a dedicated client advisor
  • Offshore reporting / non-reporting funds, offshore insurance bonds, offshore structured products
  • Alternative investments, such as hedge funds and private equity
  • Capital markets products: fixed income, equity, foreign exchange
  • Trusts
  • Custody services

Depending on the extent of your investment experience, UBS may not be permitted to provide advice/information on unregulated collective investment schemes 

Advantages of banking in Switzerland

As one of the world's most successful economies, with a strong currency and a history of financial stability, Switzerland is the first choice for many investors. An emphasis on excellence, strong international networks and a reputation for reliability have enabled Swiss banks to build successful, long-term relationships with clients around the world. Choosing to bank in Switzerland means experiencing and benefitting from this drive to provide the best possible service.

Advantages for investors at a glance:

  • Nestled in the heart of Europe, Switzerland offers you stability, confidence and peace of mind
  • One of the top ten financial centres in the world
  • The number one manager of private assets: about 30 per cent of the world's offshore private assets are invested and managed in Switzerland
  • Investors are attracted by:
  1. Centuries of esteemed wealth management traditions
  2. A high degree of financial expertise
  3. A culture of confidentiality and privacy
  4. The professionalism, efficiency and discretion of Swiss bankers
  5. A range of independent asset managers
  6. The stability of the political and economic environment
  7. Non-EU

Services for Resident Non-domiciled (RND) individuals

UBS Switzerland is one of the world's largest RND wealth managers. Our client advisors and wealth planning specialists navigate the complex world of tax legislation, drawing on our extensive experience in assisting RND clients to find tax-efficient solutions best suited to their needs.

Precise wealth management expertise to realise RND benefits while ensuring regulatory compliance

By complying and investing in accordance with complex tax legislation, RND status can offer you tax-efficient solutions depending on your individual situation and needs. In a nutshell, utilising the right solutions aims to ensure that your income and capital gains arising from offshore (i.e. non-UK) assets are not taxed, as long as they are not brought into the UK. However, the legislation permitting such a beneficial tax status is complex and ever evolving.

As one of the world's largest RND wealth managers, we draw on long-term experience of providing tax-efficient solutions to RND clients. Our client advisors are supported by wealth planners who draw on backgrounds at banks and trust companies. Together they are well versed in RND investments and planning opportunities, and are available to meet clients in Switzerland and the UK.

Reliably managing your RND wealth: connecting the many cogs in your portfolio

You may be moving to the UK for a short period or may have sufficient funds or income in the UK to leave your offshore assets untouched for the duration of your stay. Alternatively, you may need to remit some funds into the UK.

There is no "one size fits all" solution. Your circumstances are as individual as you are. Together with your tax and legal advisors, we determine the most efficient set-up of your offshore banking and investments in order to meet your personal objectives, while aiming to ensure compliance with relevant tax laws.