Sophisticated solutions to meet your needs

Sophisticated solutions to meet your needs

For over two decades, UBS Asset Servicing has been a recognized partner of choice for providing state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions to family offices, private investors, large institutional asset managers and pension funds.1 Ricardo Wenzel elaborates on asset servicing solutions that are available to clients in Asia Pacific.
Ricardo Wenzel
Head, Asset Servicing Hong Kong

Wealth Management in Asia Pacific is growing faster than any other region in the world, and with this, comes the growing demand for sophisticated Wealth Management solutions. UBS has developed a product shelf to address the three most common questions investors ask the team.

How can I consolidate my assets with fewer banks, while ensuring the safety of my assets and continuing to execute via my brokers of choice?

With Global Custody, we provide access to the UBS global securities network covering over 70 countries, and to securities services such as corporate actions, while retaining third-party broker execution and clearing flexibility for assets booked with UBS. This effectively simplifies the client’s investment and execution structure without restricting it.

How can I monitor my performance and risks on a consistent and accurate basis when my assets are held across different institutions and jurisdictions?

Our robust Performance & Risk Analytics service provides consistent and tailored reports based on individual requirements. Key data and bespoke reports are available globally via secure internet-based tools. Investments held with UBS as well as with third-party banks can be included. This allows you to formulate sound tactical and strategic asset allocation decisions, and enables enhanced investment controls across your various accounts, which may be in different jurisdictions and with different banks.

How can I generate additional yield on assets under custody without restricting flexibility to sell?

Through our Securities Lending program we allow clients to generate additional income on assets held with UBS without portfolio modification or compromising trading flexibility. Clients engage with UBS directly and are shielded from street side borrower counterparty risk.

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