Flying high with UBS in Asia

“ Leveraging a relationship with a bank that offers private jet financing and refinancing to its clients is a winning formula for owners of private jets.”

Johan Blitz (left)
Head, UBS Corporate Aircraft Finance
Zurich, Switzerland

Sharon Ho (right)
Director, Corporate Aircraft Finance
Asia Pacific

The rarified world of private aviation is slowly, but surely, demystifying itself to the exclusively privileged who have come to appreciate the benefits of having their own private jet.1

With the ratio of airports for private jets against those for commercial aircraft being up to 10 to 1,2 passengers can land much closer to their desired destination. Coupled with the freedom to depart on-demand and bypass customs and security queues, together with the availability of expanded routes and uncompromised quality of travel, owning a private jet translates to the unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, comfort and privacy of private aviation being available when you want it (as opposed to a chartered plane being subject to availability) and as you want it (one can fully customize interiors in accordance with one’s tastes and productivity considerations).

Flying high with UBS in Asia

Safety is also a major consideration - owning your own private jet means you decide who manages and maintains your aircraft, who insures your aircraft, and who your pilots and crew (who will fly only for you) are. Also, and this is sometimes overlooked, it means you can monetize this asset.

Leveraging on a private banking relationship with a bank that offers private jet financing and refinancing to its clients is a winning formula for owners of private jets seeking to extract maximum value and liquidity from these assets. The option to have such liquidity supporting one’s latest investment strategy is a seriously attractive proposition, especially where such bank is also able to offer a unique combination of global expertise, excellence in instrument selection, and portfolio management skills, all with award-winning service for its clients.

UBS is proud to have a dedicated team to assist its clients with the financing and refinancing of private jets. Our experience and vast network within private aviation can assist our clients with their aircraft-related decisions. For almost a decade this product has been offered globally, from the team based in Switzerland. Recently an Asia-based team was introduced in Singapore, bringing expertise closer to our clients here, and allowing for seamless cooperation with Client Advisors to unlock the value in private aviation for our clients.

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